Recent Before & After Photos

Rebuilt kitchen in a Sanford Church Rectory

When the Kitchen of the Rectory caught on fire our professionals were on scene within a few hours. We immediately went to work covering the burnt ceil... READ MORE

Content cleaning is an important part of our job.

Cleaning all of the contents in your house is an important part of our job.  It is one more step towards putting your life back together.  After a fir... READ MORE

Soot even gets into closed areas

Soot gets into even the tightest of spaces.  Even the bottom of this tool box with all of the drawers closed.  The sooner you can remove soot buildup ... READ MORE

Don't forget the air ducts if you have mold

If you have an issue with mold in your home it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.  Identifying why there is mold growth comes first.   Moi... READ MORE

Drying a wet bathroom in a beauty salon.

When the lift station in this customers beauty shop bath room failed the room flooded with contaminated water.  Even thou it was a small room it needed to ... READ MORE

Removing mold from a kitchen.

When this homeowner went away she never dreamed the polar vortex would freeze her pipes and flood her entire house.  She returned to find a flooded mess an... READ MORE

Boarding up a property to protect the contents

When the fire department arrives they are going to smash windows, cut holes in walls and knock down doors to get to the fire.  They need to do this to figh... READ MORE

Cleaning soot from tools

When the cleanup begins there is are several factors to be considered.  First we have to answer a few questions.   Is the item cleanable or not? Is th... READ MORE

A small kitchen fire can cause damage to an entire house

Even if a fire is very small and put out fairly quickly smoke and soot an contaminate the whole house.  The type of fire determines how we proceed to clean... READ MORE

Peeling back the layers

Most older homes have undergone remodeling and repairs so we need to remove the layers before we begin drying the structure out. If you dont strip eve... READ MORE