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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Winter storm freezes pipes causing thousands in damage

When this Midland county customer came home from her vacation she was shocked at the mess she found. The temperature had dropped below freezing and broke a pip... READ MORE

Sometimes all we can do is help pick up the pieces

In some cases a fire destroys an entire house but that does not mean you shouldn't call SERVPRO. We can help advise you through the process so you can rebuild ... READ MORE

If you have a basement it will probably flood sometime.

Most of the time when we arrive at a customers house they tell us they have never had water in their basement before. So let me tell you this, "if you have a b... READ MORE

If a tree falls on the roof....

and there is no one around to hear it does it still crush the roof? The answer is yes. This homeowner found that out quick when a 20 foot pine smashed through... READ MORE

Colder winter temperatures

When winter temperatures drop to negative numbers you may be in danger of having your pipes freeze. It is a good idea to make sure your plumbing is well insula... READ MORE

Carpet removed from a hallway

When a house floods sometimes there are different ways we can proceed. If the leak is clean water the pad gets removed but the carpet can be dried out. If the... READ MORE

High winds damaged this Saginaw roof

When this customers house suffered storm damage from high winds and rain they called SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin Counties right away. Within a hour we had som... READ MORE

It will look worse before it get better.

When the SERVPRO team leaves your house it may look a little torn up but its for a good reason. If you do not remove all of the wet materials that will not dry... READ MORE

Water damage repairs

SERVPRO has the ability to handle a job from start to finish. We have a network of contractors and suppliers to get your home put back together in a timely man... READ MORE

Duct cleaning on a commercial building

Does your commercial building has a forced air heating and cooling system? if so you could be breathing all kinds of nasty particles. Dust and debris blow thr... READ MORE

Remodel a bathroom after a flood.

When this Midland customer had a flooded house she Called SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin counties right away. She knew that getting to the water quickly and gett... READ MORE

Bathroom repairs.

When our Sanford Mi customer had a soggy bathroom floor she called us to come check it out. Our water meter showed he water leak was happening in a small amount... READ MORE

Repair vs. replacing these windows

The windows in your house need maintenance to keep them in good working order. Older single pane windows may need a storm window in the winter to keep the cold ... READ MORE

Restored Kitchen

When this Midland, MI customer called SERVPRO she had no idea her entire house was damaged by the frozen pipes under the kitchen sink. Our technicians came in ... READ MORE

Epoxy coating a floor

After the cleanup and dry out of a structure restoration is needed. Sometimes its as simple as painting the walls and sealing the floors. Here is a recent job... READ MORE

Cleaning and sealing a smoke damaged wall.

Even the smallest fire can create enough smoke to cover an entire house with soot as this Gladwin customer found out. A trash can in the garage caught on fire ... READ MORE

Carpet cleaning

SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin Counties does commercial and residential carpet cleaning. We have several different types of cleaners for things like pet stains or... READ MORE

Floor cleaning after years of neglect

Sometimes we have to do the dirtiest of jobs. This was an area under a refrigerator in a rental house. The tenant had moved out and left the landlord with a m... READ MORE

Air Duct Cleaning

What type of dust and debris will we find today. You never know. This Sanford, MI customer was so happy with how fresh and clean his house was after sucking al... READ MORE

Restoring a wood chair

Having a fire in a house can be the most stressful time in a persons life. Everything you own is covered in smoke, soot and possibly water. The cleanup & rest... READ MORE

Cleaning commercial rugs.

Here at SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin Counties we do commercial carpet cleaning for several area business and churches. Here we cleaned a rug in the entrance of... READ MORE

Storms in Gladwin cause big problems

This homeowner woke up to a loud crash only to find a tree had crashed through the roof. High winds and rain complicated the problems by soaking the bedroom ce... READ MORE

Car slides off the road and crashes into this garage.

During a winter storm a lot of things can happen as this Sanford homeowner found out. A car hit a icy patch and could not stop before crashing into this garage... READ MORE

If you have wet carpet and walls mold will appear

If you have a flood in you home or business you need to have it taken care of quickly to avoid mold growth. Wet carpet and drywall will mold before it will dry... READ MORE

By the time these homeowners found a leak mold has set in

Most times when someone calls a restoration company they really underestimate the amount of damage they have. They have no way to really tell how much water le... READ MORE

A frozen pipe floods a Edenville basement

When a frozen pipe flooded this customers basement SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin counties was her first call. She only had water in a small area of the basement... READ MORE

Drying out a real estate office

If your business has a flood SERVPRO should be at the top of your list to call. We have the tools and equipment to get you back open and serving your customers... READ MORE

Heavy rains flood an attached garage

When heavy rains flooded this customers attached garage half of the ceiling had to be removed to dry it out. Our crew did the work in just a few short hours, p... READ MORE

Repairing an apartment floor

When this apartment floor flooded the property management company called SERVPRO to dry it up. Our crew came in tore out the wet flooring and underlay and haul... READ MORE

Demolition to a hard wood floor

When this Gladwin County customers dishwasher leaked they thought it was no big deal. It was a slow leak dripping from the valve for several days. It wasn't u... READ MORE

Basement floods during summer rains

During the summer rain storms this Rhodes Mi customers house flooded. The customers were gone on vacation and did not know about it until they returned. The w... READ MORE

If you can see it on the outside

If you have an area of mold in your home it may seem very small but could be much worse. In this case the moisture that caused the mold to grow came from the o... READ MORE

Sewage cleanup is a biohazard.

When a house has a sewer line, floor drain or toilet back up it is considered a category 3 water damage. What this means is the water is considered contaminate... READ MORE

Peeling back the layers

Most older homes have undergone remodeling and repairs so we need to remove the layers before we begin drying the structure out. If you dont strip everything do... READ MORE

A small kitchen fire can cause damage to an entire house

Even if a fire is very small and put out fairly quickly smoke and soot an contaminate the whole house. The type of fire determines how we proceed to clean thin... READ MORE

Cleaning soot from tools

When the cleanup begins there is are several factors to be considered. First we have to answer a few questions. Is the item cleanable or not? Is the soot dry... READ MORE

Boarding up a property to protect the contents

When the fire department arrives they are going to smash windows, cut holes in walls and knock down doors to get to the fire. They need to do this to fight the... READ MORE

Removing mold from a kitchen.

When this homeowner went away she never dreamed the polar vortex would freeze her pipes and flood her entire house. She returned to find a flooded mess and mol... READ MORE

Drying a wet bathroom in a beauty salon.

When the lift station in this customers beauty shop bath room failed the room flooded with contaminated water. Even thou it was a small room it needed to be cl... READ MORE

Don't forget the air ducts if you have mold

If you have an issue with mold in your home it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Identifying why there is mold growth comes first. Moisture, hea... READ MORE

Soot even gets into closed areas

Soot gets into even the tightest of spaces. Even the bottom of this tool box with all of the drawers closed. The sooner you can remove soot buildup from metal... READ MORE

Content cleaning is an important part of our job.

Cleaning all of the contents in your house is an important part of our job. It is one more step towards putting your life back together. After a fire your ent... READ MORE

Rebuilt kitchen in a Sanford Church Rectory

When the Kitchen of the Rectory caught on fire our professionals were on scene within a few hours. We immediately went to work covering the burnt ceilings with ... READ MORE

You have to remove several layers

When a basement floods it needs to be dried properly. This basement had drywall glued right to the block wall and then wallpaper over that. It is not possible ... READ MORE

When a built in cabinet was removed it revealed this

This customer had a wall that was wet behind a built in cabinet. It had to be removed to get to the affected area. Once all of the wet and moldy drywall was t... READ MORE

SERVPRO restores home

After a storm, one of our Project Managers made it his mission to restore this house in a way that truly made it "Like it never even happened." Our team worked ... READ MORE

Mold damage to local home

Household mold removal was required in this Bay City home. Undetected water damage that occurs in wet and dark areas can lead to mold in just a few days. By the... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos