Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Peeling back the layers

Most older homes have undergone remodeling and repairs so we need to remove the layers before we begin drying the structure out. If you dont strip everything do... READ MORE

Demolition to a hard wood floor

When this Gladwin County customers dishwasher leaked they thought it was no big deal. It was a slow leak dripping from the valve for several days. It wasn't u... READ MORE

Epoxy coating a floor

After the cleanup and dry out of a structure restoration is needed. Sometimes its as simple as painting the walls and sealing the floors. Here is a recent job... READ MORE

Bathroom repairs.

When our Sanford Mi customer had a soggy bathroom floor she called us to come check it out. Our water meter showed he water leak was happening in a small amount... READ MORE

Remodel a bathroom after a flood.

When this Midland customer had a flooded house she Called SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin counties right away. She knew that getting to the water quickly and gett... READ MORE

It will look worse before it get better.

When the SERVPRO team leaves your house it may look a little torn up but its for a good reason. If you do not remove all of the wet materials that will not dry... READ MORE

Carpet removed from a hallway

When a house floods sometimes there are different ways we can proceed. If the leak is clean water the pad gets removed but the carpet can be dried out. If the... READ MORE

If you have a basement it will probably flood sometime.

Most of the time when we arrive at a customers house they tell us they have never had water in their basement before. So let me tell you this, "if you have a b... READ MORE