Photo Gallery

We can do the entire job.

After the cleanup was done on this barn fire the structure was sealed up with a stain blocking primer. We can see the soot stained walls getting a fresh new look.  From start to finish SERVPRO can handle all your restoration needs. 

Cleaning this is a Biohazard.

Cleaning up from a hoarding situation like this should be left to the cleaning professionals at SERVPRO.  We have the training, knowledge and Personal protection equipment to handle the job safely.  

Restore vs. Replace

Drying out this gymnasium floor was a much better option to save this customer money and downtime.  The cost to replace it all then refinish it and repaint it would have been triple the cost and taken weeks.

SERVPRO has over 1700 franchises to call on for and major flood event

SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin Counties has access to  over 1700 franchises for call upon in the event of a major storm.  Here is a picture of the corporate Disaster recovery team trailer during a recent storm.

A potential fire hazzard

This plug was found in a recent fire clean-up.  It wasn't the cause of the fire but it could have been.  It was not in a box and had additional wire connecting a light.  If you have anything like this in your home you should call an electrician immediately. 

Mold growing behind wallpaper

When this customer had another company dry his basement they told him it would not be a problem.  The wallpaper could stay and it would dry fine.  It wasn't until the mold started showing through the paper that he new he had a problem.  Following the IICRC standards is top priority at SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin counties. 

Flooded golf course

During the recent floods this area golf course was under water.  It was in one of the many areas that flooded when we received a large amount of rain in a very short time, overwhelming drainage systems and causing backups. 

Cleaning stone tile after a renovation.

When this local restaurant did renovations and needed cleanup they knew to call SERVPRO of Midland/Gladwin counties.  Post construction clean up is on of our specialties.  They called the day before the grand re opening and we came in and cleaned it all up.

Cutting out drywall behind a built in desk.

This customer had some water in their basement that they let dry on its own creating a mold problem behind a built in desk.  We came in and removed the desk, cut out the drywall and dried things out.

Cleaning air ducts at a local church after the floods

Sometimes we end up in some tight spots in our job.  Here is a pic of an air duct that we had to clean out and sanitize after the recent flooding.

Carpet cleaning at Coleman Fire Department

SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin counties does commercial and residential carpet cleaning.  Here we are doing the carpets in the Coleman fire department meeting room.  We do them once a year to keep them looking clean. 

Signs are up at the new shop

Well the signs are up at the new shop.  We've moved our shop to Sanford to be in a more central location in our territories but we are still happy to serve the Midland and Gladwin area

Bringing in re-inforcements

SERVPRO is a company with over 1700 franchises nationwide so there is never a job too big.  We can bring in a few people or a few hundred if needed with just a phone call.  

Time to clean the air ducts

If your home has forced air heat your cold air returns suck in dirt and debris every time your furnace runs. Now yours might not be as bad as this customers but our duct cleaning professionals can clean that right up for you.

Carpet Cleaning

As spring approaches, it is a great time to get your carpets clean.  Cleaning carpets removes allergens, dust mites, dirt and debris.  It leaves your house smelling fresh and clean.  Call (989)835-5015 today to set up an appointment.

Pet safe door tag.

Here at SERVPRO we love pets so we are posting this door tag here in our photo gallery so you can print it off and put it on your door or window so emergency personnel are aware of your pets.

Our 2017 CE Class

SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin Counties offers Free CE classes throughout the year.  Here is a picture from a recent class.  Feel Free to contact us @ (989)835-5015 to see about upcoming classes.  Also check our facebook page @midlandSERVPRO

Taking reading a Beaverton water loss

The Hygrometer is one of the many tools we use to determine if your house is dry.  Here, we see the temperature is 85 F and the Relative Humidity is 32%....  Nice and dry. 

Soot on a built in shelving unit.

When a fire cleanup begins we start by removing the heavy soot.  This is done a few different ways depending on the type of damage and what its being cleaned off.  This shelf had a good finish on it so the soot could be easily removed.

Soot webs in a closet

When this St. Louis Mi house burned the homeowners thought it wasn't that bad.  Upon further inspection we started to show them how bad it really was.  Soot webs had formed in the tops of all of the closets and the corners of the rooms.

Soot removal is a multi stage process

When this Sanford Mi Church rectory had a fire on the stove only the kitchen was affected by the actual fire but the smoke and soot spread through the entire house.  This hallway behind the kitchen was covered in heavy soot and needed multiple cleanings.  Once that was taken care of the area could be sealed and  repainted.

What's growing in the house next door

When this Saginaw county house was repossessed and left vacant the power was cut off. Without a working sump pump the basement filled up with water causing wet drywall and then mold.  This could be the house right next door to you.   

Carpet Delaminating from water damage

Carpet delamination is a condition where the secondary backing of the carpet separates from the primary backing. It can be caused by a variety of issues. One cause can be a failure of the bonding agent, usually latex, between the primary and secondary backing

Old space heaters are dangerous

Older space heaters should be replaced.  If you can tip it or pick it up and it does not shut off automatically it should be replaced immediately.  Also if the cord is frayed or damage it should be thrown away.  NEVER SPLICE A PLUG TOGETHER!!! 

If its not repaired it will cause way more damage.

When a flooded basement isn't found for several months the damage can be far worse that it originally was.  Here we see a furnace and hot water heater that were damaged because they sat under water for a long period of time.

Aluminum foil protects the furniture

This customer saw this tip on our website.  By wrapping the legs of his furniture in aluminum foil as soon as he noticed the water. He reduced the risk of damage to the furniture and carpet. 

Contaminated water

Even though water appears to be clean it may not be.  Any type of water that comes up from a drain is considered contaminated and is hazardous to your health.

Drying carpet

In some cases when the water is clean your carpet may be able to be dried.  It can help to keep the cost of reconstruction down and shorten up the repair time. 

Flooded basement in a vacant house

Did you know that standing water in a basement for more than three days should be considered contaminated and cleaned up accordingly.  As a homeowner this is not something you should attempt on your own.  

Wood absorbs water very quickly

Materials like wood and drywall absorb water very quickly.  When a structure floods things like cabinets may need to be removed to dry under or behind them.  In some cases it may even damage the cabinet.    

Laminate flooring removed

When this homeowner found a leak from his ice maker he called SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin Counties to investigate.  The water had ran under most of his laminate flooring causing a soft moldy sub floor.  

Broken pipes

If you are planning to be away from your home for an extended period of time you should always shut off your water main.  It could save you thousands of dollars in repairs and lost contents.  

Cardboard boxes are not good for storage.

When storing your belongings keep in mind that cardboard boxes are a poor choice.  In the event of a water damage the contents will be ruined creating a much bigger mess.  Plastic totes work so much better.  

Upholstery cleaning

SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin Counties does more than just carpet cleaning.  We do upholstery cleaning and also dry cleaning if necessary.  We understand some materials cannot get wet and need special care 

Wet hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors can be dried if the damage is minimal once they get to this point they are too far gone to save.  Drying them out would cost more than replacing them

Time to dry it out.

SERVPRO follows IICRC s500 standard when drying a structure.  There are several procedures we must follow to get the job done properly.  There is also a certified water technician at every job.

The cat don't seem to mind the wet carpet

Sometimes pets cause the damage we have to repair.  In this case a cat turned on a faucet and left it run for several hours causing thousands of dollars in damage.  You may want to check in advance with your insurance provider to make sure you have specific coverage for this type of damage.  

Ice dams are a problem

If snow and ice build up on your roof in the winter it can be a big problem.  Ice dams can form and actually force water up under the shingles and into the house.

Flooding a Midland Office

When this Midland city business flooded they called SERVPRO right away to get it dried out.  50% of business close after loss of this type and they did not want to become one of the statistics.

Sump pump failure

As a homeowner you need to keep your sump pump well maintained and free of debris.  It is also a good idea to replace it every few years so it does not fail on you. 

Moisture wicking

Most times water damage is far worse than the customer thinks.  Here we see the back side of an open wall with moisture wicking up about 2 feet even tho the water was only a few inches deep

You should have your air ducts cleaned before winter

SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin counties offers duct cleaning services.  If you have never had your ducts cleaned you should as soon as possible.   There is all kinds of dust and debris in there. 

A toilet backup should be considered serious

Any time a toilet or other drain backs up your house is contaminated with hazardous materials.  For your own safety you should leave the clean up to the SERVPRO professionals.  We have the chemicals and equipment to handle the job.

Smoke and soot removal in progress.

After this garage fire the walls needed a thorough cleaning before they could be sealed.  Once all of the soot damage was removed the wall could be sealed up making the structure usable again 

The start of mold

Even tho this don't look very bad it is the start of mold.  It is forming on this customers bathroom wall due to high humidity from the shower.  Even a small amount like this should be taken care of right away.

Wet drywall behind paneling can mold very quickly

When a wall has multiple layers and gets wet mold can form very quickly.  This wall had paneling glued on the drywall limiting the airflow to a damp area and creating a perfect environment for mold growth

Carpets stained from dyes

It is a good idea to make sure you don't keep things like magazines, newspapers or markers on the floor.  They contain dyes that could ruin your carpets in the event of a flood.  

Frozen pipes lead to big water damage

Make sure to winterize your pipes.  When a winter storm dropped a foot of snow and freezing temperatures on this cabin in Rhodes, MI the pipes froze causing hundreds of gallons of water to flood the building.

Drying a bathroom floor.

Businesses flood too, and when they do they call us.  Many national chains have national accounts with SERVPRO.  It makes things easy for the business manager and saves them a lot of problems getting up and running again.

Just one of the tools we use to tell if your floor is wet.

Here is a picture of one of our moisture meters. It is a non penetrating meter and has 3 different scales.   As you can see it is in the red meaning this hard wood floor is very wet.   


The bigger the job the more equipment needed to dry it out. Here is some dehumidifiers and air movers staged and ready to dry a large basement for a recent job in Freeland, Michigan.

Painted trim

The trim for this Midland Mi customers house has been painted and laid out to dry. After a second coat it will be cut and installed. After touch ups the carpeting will be installed and the customers contents moved back in.

Carpet Cleaning

SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin counties provides commercial and residential carpet cleaning. We can also do upholstery. Call us today to set up a time for our technicians to give you a quote.

Cleaning a smoke damaged wall

Clean up after a fire can be a long process. This picture shows one of the first steps to removing the soot. If you just tried to repaint without removing all the contaminates from the surface the soot will bleed right through.

Drying a hardwood floor

Sometimes drying a hardwood floor is a better option then removing and replacing. Here we are using an injectidry system to pull all of the moisture out of this school gym floor saving our Gladwin Michigan customer thousands of dollars.

What's hiding behind your baseboard

Even the smallest flood can cause big problems if not taken care of properly. If base boards are not removed and the drywall isn't completely dried mold can form in a very short time.

Marketing Flowers

A great job today by our marketing rep. Barb putting together these beautiful flowers to take around to some of our valued customers. Just another way we try to brighten everyone's day

Restored basement in Midland

When this Midland, Mi homeowner came home to find her basement flooded and her contents soaked she knew to call SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin counties. We responded quickly and dried everything out, cleaned up the mess and gave everything a fresh coat of paint.

Epoxy coating in a fire damaged garage.

SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin Counties was happy to help this Bay County customer get there garage back to a usable condition after a fire in a trash can. The walls and floors were cleaned to removed the soot then sealed.

What is hiding in your air ducts

Your heating and cooling system in your home is running most of the year and even tho it has a filter it still blows around dust, dirt and other debris. SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin counties can come in and clean those ducts for you. Call (989)835-5015 to schedule an appointment today

Carpet cleaning at a local apartment complex

Here is one of our Technicians doing carpet cleaning at an apartment complex in the midland area. Several property managers use SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin Counties to get the units ready for new tenants.

Carpet Cleaning at Coleman City hall.

We spent the day in the beautiful city of Coleman, MI cleaning carpets at City Hall. They just finished a renovation project and brought us in to spruce things up when they finished.

Flooding to this Beaverton MI home and garage.

Several years back one of our crews encountered severe flooding in the Beaverton, MI area. They went in and moved out some contents and waited for the water to recede before they continued there work.

Drying a church

The quicker you call us the quicker we can get your water damaged area cleaned up. Fast response is key to minimize damage and get you back into your business quickly.

It is always a great time to have your carpets cleaned.

Bill is cleaning carpets at a local apartment complex. We do work for several commercial and residential customers on a regular basis. Call us today and we can come out and clean up your carpets.

Removing damaged materials

If a wall is only wet at the bottom we can minimize costs by only taking out what is wet. Here the walls were only wet 1 foot up so our Technicians only removed a few feet of drywall.

Drying a Commercial storefront in Midland Mi

When a sink fell off the wall in this cell phone store the manager Called SERVPRO. Many corporations have use SERVPRO as a national service provider. Call us today and we can set up an Emergency Ready Profile for your business.

Bill and Lou by the big green van

Bill and Lou pause from a hard day of work to take a photo for a SERVPRO fan. If you see them out and about they will pose for photos or sign autographs if necessary.

Keep your Pets safe with these door tags.

We recently spent the day marketing to all of the pet friendly business like vets and pet shops offering services like odor removal and carpet cleaning.  We made these nice door cards to put your pets information on in case of fire or other emergancy.  We have also started to take these around to the different pet friendly living communitys in our area.  If you would like one feel free to contact us at 989 835-5015

New flooring in a water damaged house

This is a picture of a reconstruction job we have been working on in Midland, Mi.  This house was a complete renovation due to the high humidity and mold damage.  Once the whole project is finished We will have more pictures.

Cleaning carpets at Coleman City Hall

If you see the big green van out and about its because we are working.  Maybe cleaning carpets like seen here are working on drying out someones flooded basement.  No matter what the job calls for we are always up for the challenge and ready to make it "Like it never even happened"

Wet Ceiling

Just because the water came from somewhere low does not mean it wont damage other areas.  In this Midland County home the humidity was so high the water was dripping off the ceilings.  When you have a leak it is important to check all areas of the house just to be sure there aren't more problems.

Clean carpets made this Sanford,Mi customer happy

This Sanford,MI customer went to Nevada for the winter and left people to house sit for her.  When she returned the carpets were dirty and stained so she called SERVPRO to clean them.  We were able to remove all the stains and clean the traffic areas to a like new condition.  

Bottled water for our friends

During the hot summer months our marketing staff has been delivering ice cold bottles of water on our marketing routes.  Just a little thank you for all our clients, potential clients and friends.  

How many nails?

We never know what we will uncover when doing tear out for a water damage job.  Here we have a drywall corner bead the was definitely nailed in place well.  The person who installed it must have been paid by the nail.  

Water Damage that is not dried properly leads to mold.

When you have a leak in your house and you let it dry on its own because its "not that wet" you could be causing more damage to your house.  The water that you don't see is the problem.  This picture was taken after a cabinet was removed several days later.  

Replaced Kitchen Floor

Here is a kitchen floor that needed to be replaced in this Beaverton,MI customers home due to a broken water line.  After everything was dried out we had a flooring company come in and replace the floor creating another satisfied SERVPRO customer

Commercial carpet cleaning.

SERVPRO of Midland / Gladwin Counties does commercial carpet cleaning all over our area.  We recommend cleaning your carpets in your business at least 4 times a year to keep it looking and smelling fresh and clean.  Call today to scheduled an appointment. 

Duct Cleaning

When was the last time you had your air ducts clean in your business.  If the answer is never the air quality in your building may be suffering.  Having SERVPRO clean your ducts will freshen up the air and help restore the performance of your heating and cooling system

Fire cleanup in a Saginaw home

This photo represents the damage cause by a small stove top grease fire.  While the kitchen was the most affected by this the entire house was contaminated by smoke and soot and had to be cleaned and repainted.

New fans, coming soon to a job near you.

Here are a couple of our new air movers (fans) that we recently purchased.  They are stack-able and very light weight making them so easy to haul up and down stairs and into trucks and vans.  

Mold will set in very quickly if you water damage is left unrepaired

When a pipe breaks and floods a house taking action fast  is the best course of action.  Mold spores can settle and grow quickly.  If left untreated it will cover the entire building.

Drying a rental property for a real estate company

When this realtor when to rent his property out and found the basement had leaked he knew to call SERVPRO.  We removed some pad and started the drying process quickly.  It was dry in no time at all and ready to be put back together leaving another happy customer.

Flooding in a Midland business

When this business space flooded the landlord called SERVPRO of Midland /Gladwin Counties right away.  Pulling the wet and contaminated carpets took several hours but was necessary to get it dried out.  Our hard working crew stayed till late in the evening getting every last piece up.

Opening walls to find Mold

Sometimes we never know how bad a problem is until we start tearing it apart.  Once the walls were torn out in this home we seen mold on other rooms.  This problem may have been missed by someone trying to dry the walls themselves.  You should always use a Restoration company like SERVPRO to ensure this does not get missed.

Restoring a basement in a Gladwin county home.

The basement of this house had mold covering the paneling walls so our crew removed all the mold damaged paneling, carpet and ceiling tiles and replaced them.  The finished product looked very nice.  

These always appear after a fire

Any time we clean up the aftermath from a fire these "soot webs" appear through out the house.  Usually in the corners of rooms and in the tops of closets.  Basements and attics  is another common spot.  It is just one more thing our cleaning professionals deal with on a daily basis.

Even if it cant be repaired we can board it up for you

Even tho your home was burnt to an unsalvageable condition you are still responsible to secure the structure as much as possible.  It could take several weeks before you are ready to have torn down or removed from the property.  Let SERVPRO come and handle the board up for you.  

No matter how bad the fire is we know how to help.

Even if the entire kitchen catches fire we can help.  It may look bad at first but we have specific procedures to follow to get your house restored back to a livable condition.  We are ready and waiting for your call.  

Injecti-dry mats in place

When a tree crashed through the roof of the kitchen the rain flooded the hardwood floors.  We placed our injectidry floor mats in place for several days and extracted all of the water saving the floors and more importantly reducing costs of replacing a whole kitchen.

Tree damage to a cabin

When a tree fell over and landed on this cabin in the woods it caused a lot of damage.  It left large holes in the roof allowing the rain in.  Everything had to be removed right to the studs so it could be dried and rebuilt.

When winter temperatures drop

This homeowner found out how important it is to winterize your sprinklers when an early winter storm dropped temperatures and froze his pipes. Most of the damage was contained to this garage wall but it could have been way worse.

Fire damage in a bathroom

Fire damage is one of the hardest things to restore a property from.  There is smoke and soot to clean up and there may also be water from putting out the fire.  We are still up for the challenge tho.  

Wet bathroom flooring

When this customers drains backed up because of heavy rainfall she needed us to come and clean up the mess left behind.  We came in and got it all dried out in a hurry.

Drying an office

When this Bay City financial office flooded they called SERVPRO.  They knew they could not dry it by themselves.  We set up the equipment on Friday and it was dry by Monday morning. 

Commercial Apartment board up.

When this apartment building in the Midland area caught on fire the property manager called SERVPRO to secure the building.  Keeping people from entering the unsafe structure is top priority in a situation like that. 

Mold grows on the wet cabinets too.

If your cabinets are wet and not dried out they will grow mold.   It is important to remove them and dry them out before reinstalling them.  It's also important to make sure the walls behind the cabinets are dry.

Warm weather and rains flooded this customers house.

Last year during a winter warm spell we some rains which left this customer under water.  The entire crawl space was full.  They called SERVPRO and we rushed right over to help them out.

Restored Living room

Here we have a living room of a house that was compleatly gutted and restored by our SERVPRO team.  The final product looks great and the customer is very happy.

Duct cleaning after mold damage

If you have had mold in your house you should have your ducts cleaned and possibly sealed.  If not you could recontaminate you entire house just by running your furnace or air conditioner.  

Shining up the fans

A first impression is very important to us so we like to keep all of our equipment looking great.  We take the time to wipe them all down with SERVPRO Armour Guard after every job. 

Soffit and Fascia replaced after a fire

The soffit and fascia had to be replaced after fire had damaged them beyond repair.  It made the building look like it was new again in just a few short hours.